How to Beat the Heat at Your Child's Outdoor Birthday Party

25 January 2016
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Your backyard can be the perfect location for your child's birthday, if they happen to be a summer baby. You will most likely have plenty of open space and don't have to worry about inviting tons of children inside your home. The only downside to having a birthday party outdoors during summer days are the high temperatures.

If the birthday party is during the hottest time of the summer season, it can be difficult to entertain in ways that keep the guests interested and cool. It is important that you are aware of the most popular things you can have at your child's party to beat the heat and keep your guests comfortable outdoors.


If you are looking for a way to create a shady spot that the birthday guests can retreat to, you can rent a tent. A tent can be easy to install in your backyard and comes in many different size options. This means that no matter how many guests you are planning for at your child's birthday party, you will be able to create a shaded area where people can retreat. You can even choose to throw a circus themed party and rent a tent that comes in a circus tent design. Some of the tents that you can rent from party hire companies have the ability to be customised.

Inflatable bounce houses

Inflatable bounce houses are incredibly popular at children's birthday parties, but during the hot summer months you can opt instead for an inflatable water slide. This type of slide comes available in many different sizes, but is typically at least a few feet tall. It allows children to enjoy going down a slide, but can be used wet, which allows you to cool the children off with the use of water. If you rent an inflatable water slide that is big enough in size, both the children and adults at the party can cool off by going down the inflatable water slide. This type of water slide can be easily set up in your backyard, but is designed to be mobile.

Ice blocks

You can even choose to make the party an ice block party with many different types of ice blocks for the children to indulge themselves in. You can even have fun experimenting with different ice block recipes that are sure to cool down the guests at the party down and satisfy their sweet tooth. Some of the most popular types of ice blocks that you can make on your own are fruity flavors or frozen hot chocolate pops.